On June 20, 2019, about 40 Viridis employees participated in a “Team building” activity that took place in the Thetford Mines region. They were invited to visit the Black Lake mine where revegetation work of several dozen hectares is underway. Formerly an asbestos mine, closed since 2012, a tailings pond and several other waste rock piles are being worked on to allow vegetation to establish itself. Various sources of Fertilizer Residual Materials (FRM) from different generators managed by Viridis are being used to recreate a layer of the fertile substrate. The employees also participated in a tree-planting emptying creation of the Viridis forest. In a few years, this forest will be able to accommodate a diversified fauna, as is now found elsewhere on the mine. They, therefore, came out of this day better informed about the innovative solutions put forward by Viridis in this field.