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Design – Finance –Operate – Treat – Recycle: a turnkey solution for municipalities

Municipalities face a dilemma when it comes to picking a strategy for recovering and treating organic materials generated in their territory. Which technology best fits their circumstances? How do you go about financing, implementing and running such projects? Allying a thorough understanding of the needs of the entities generating waste and the ones using them, Viridis proposes adapted, realistic and affordable solutions.   Take advantage of Viridis’ know-how to help your municipality and the whole province meet its greenhouse gases (GHG) reduction targets!

The source-separated organic waste biomethanization plant proposed by Viridis and Énergère is based on a robust, economical and proven German technology with more than 50 sites in operation worldwide.

The recyclable final organic product resulting from Viridis' organic matter extraction and treatment process using SHOC® technology.

High solids digestion avoids 4-way collection. It is a solution that allows for adequate odour management and maximum social acceptability: returning organic matter to the earth after extracting energy.

Typical processing capacity is 25 to 100,000 metric tons of ROTS per year per site. Grade A compost can also be produced according to customer requirements.

VIRIDIS turnkey offer





SHOCTM process

  • Reduces by 45% the volume of waste going to landfill sites
  • Produces a material that meets the quality requirements of a recyclable product for agricultural purposes
  • Paves the way for the recovery of other recyclable materials still found in household waste
Environmental benefits for all of Quebec:
  • Reduces the number of collection trucks on the roads
  • Extends the useful life of landfill sites
  • Improves the GHG balance of municipalities in a viable way: every 10 tons of waste treated by Viridis offsets the annual GHG emissions of one car
  • Maintains soil quality for greater productivity and better water retention through quality organic material

Viridis proposes to municipalities, RCMs, and waste management bodies the TRIOM solution, which allows for the treatment and recycling of organic material from residential and industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) waste collection, with or without the implementation of the brown bin.

This new complete biological treatment chain incorporates the patented TRIOM®​ technology, which was developed and patented in Quebec by the Institute of Research and Development in Agroenvironment and is exclusively used by Viridis environnement. It includes steps such as bag opening, sieving, bio-drying, and refining, allowing for the production of a quality, hygienic, and partially deodorized organic by-product that can be recycled as an amendment for agricultural and forestry soils or for soil restoration.

This innovative solution has numerous advantages. It extends the lifespan of landfills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions generated by waste management operations. It is also an interesting alternative to the brown bin, complementing different waste management approaches. Additionally, it is part of the select group of 1,000 Solar Impulse-labeled green technologies recognized worldwide. A first site is currently being implemented in the Beauce-Sartigan RCM.

Composting source-sorted organic fraction of waste

Large-scale composting or on-farm composting offers interesting options for the management of organic matter.  Viridis is working with RCMs and municipalities on implementing technologies for the treatment of residual organic materials, including regional composting projects.  Viridis also offers composting services on the farm for manure and fertilizing residual materials from different sources.

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