Viridis environnement now offers efficient solutions adapted to the needs of municipalities with its new “turnkey” service for pumping and recycling sludge accumulated at wastewater treatment plants. This new division for the emptying of aerated or vertical lagoons has acquired two specialized dredgers. On the one hand, a small dredger allows the company to target the small and vertical wall ponds market. This dredger is operated with an excavator and a mast to target the sludge accumulation areas in the pond. On the other hand, the large dredger, mounted on cables and remotely controlled from the shore, makes it possible to carry out larger dredging work on large ponds. In both cases, the sludge is directed to a screen for the removal of foreign bodies and then pumped into tanks. The sludge thus recycled without dewatering is sent directly for valorization in agricultural fields or to pits. The advantage for a municipality to use this service is that it does not require additional infrastructure for long-term sludge storage, thus contributing to a reduction in total costs, optimization of the amount of sludge emptied and synchronization of direct land application with agricultural businesses, thus promoting local recycling. To date, some work has been done using this new equipment. In this regard, Viridis has received only good comments from the general managers of the municipalities concerned, mentioning among other things that the team offers a professional, efficient and courteous service. Let’s hope that these good comments will be heard by other municipalities so that they can take advantage of the services offered by this new division.