August 2013, Beloeil – A contribution of $15,000 from the CMI Green Fund has just been granted to Nature-Action Québec for the acquisition and development of the Déziel property, to be annexed to the magnificent Red Mill Bog site.

The Déziel property is over 41 ha in size and is nestled in the heart of the Red Mill peat bog, in the municipality of Trois-Rivières. The acquisition of this land will consolidate the protection of an important core of biodiversity.
The objectives of the project are to :
  • To maintain the integrity and protect in perpetuity the outstanding wetlands and forest ecosystems of Red Mill Bog;
    To create a private nature reserve on the Déziel property;
    Promote the maintenance of biodiversity, including avifauna, herpetofauna and plant species at risk;
    Enhance the territory and raise public awareness of the importance of wetlands.
Photo: Nature-Action