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What if you could save money while fertilizing?

As high quality organic amendments, FRMs generated by municipalities and industries are very promising fertilizing options. Viridis can help your agricultural operation access new sources of fertilizer and amendments, not to mention invaluable advice from our qualified professionals. Our team will help you increase your yield, reduce the cost of your inputs, and improve the structure of your soil. Good fertilizers mean good savings!

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Fertilizer Residual Materials (FRMs)

A reliable and economical agronomic solution: here’s a win-win option for field crop producers: use fertilizing materials generated by municipalities and industries like pulp and paper. A recognized reliable, safe and economical solution.

Viridis provides quality fertilizing organic amendments or liming materials, some of which are BNQ certified or accepted for organic farming. Viridis looks after transporting the materials, and can do the spreading, as required. Farmers are assured of a professional turnkey service: the Viridis team includes agronomists and agricultural technicians who are experts in FRM agricultural recycling and oversee the entire process for optimal fertilization.

FRM treatment and conditioning

Whether stored in fields or in pits, FRMs sometimes need to be treated or covered to control odours, protect them from the rain, contain runoff or improve their physical or agronomic qualities. Viridis’ FRM management services include liming, the addition of odour masking or neutralizing products, covering in fields or pits (capsules, tarps, straw…), and any other treatment or conditioning needed to properly manage such materials.

We are also always looking to develop new products and markets! Viridis can lend its expertise to exploring new opportunities, such as mixing, drying, granulating and packaging materials, using materials as bedding for animals, etc.

Storage in watertight structures

Agro-environmental advisory services

Unused manure pits and platforms are ideal structures for the temporary storage of your liquid or solid FRMs. Viridis offers a turnkey service for upgrading, maintaining and managing such structures for storing FRMs. We are currently working in collaboration with more than 30 agricultural partners. Get in touch with our representative in your region to find out more!

Our goal is to optimize your yield by improving your soil structure, your management of fertilizers and your cultivation methods while giving full consideration to environmental standards. Thanks to our association with the La Coop network, farmers receive professional guidance that meets their needs. Our clear interest in new technologies makes Viridis one your best allies in meeting your goals.

Our services include:

  • agronomic expertise
  • regulatory compliance (agro-environmental fertilization plans (PAEFs), phosphorus balance, project notices)
  • fertilizer management
  • monitoring of cultures, soil analysis
  • pest management
  • manure characterization and analysis
  • agronomic expertise
  • regulatory compliance (agro-environmental fertilization plans (PAEFs), phosphorus balance, project notices)
  • fertilizer management
  • monitoring of cultures, soil analysis
  • pest management
  • manure characterization and analysis
  • manure spreader calibration

Our clients :

  • crop producers: cereals, fodder, protein crops, oilseeds, fruit growers and apple growers
  • animal producers
  • RCMs, municipalities, sand pits, quarries



« A regular yield of organic materials is important to us. Our Viridis agronomist has helped us select and apply FRMs, and we’ve seen definite improvements in the quality of our soils. »


Dairy and field crop producer

La Ferme de L’Éclatière inc., Saint-André-d’Argenteuil


« Applying pulp and paper sludge has paid off for my business. We’re talking about fertilizing, liming and structuring materials for my soils, which have made quite a difference in my crop productivity. »

JIMMY CÔTÉ Beef and field crop producer Ferme Jules Côté et fils inc. à Saint-Bernard-de-Dorchester

Viridis specializes in the management of mineral or organic waste, offering both custom-made and turnkey solutions ranging from the transportation to the recycling of materials, all in accordance with environmental, cost control and agronomic principles.